Research and Development

Research and Development

The CSSANZ Research Support Committee is a CSSANZ sub-committee comprising A/Prof Christopher Young, NSW (Chairman), Prof Alexander Heriot, VIC and Mr Rowan Collinson, NZ. The Research Support Committee's charter is to lead and promote research within the Society and to provide support and direction to assist the ANZTBCRS Fellows with their research requirement. The Committee is happy to receive research projects from CSSANZ members.  Consideration will also be given to research projects in which the researchers wish to involve the CSSANZ membership. The CSSANZ Research Support Committee will forward suitable projects to the CSSANZ Foundation Research Committee for consideration of funding.

Please note CSSANZ Research Support Committee is not currently accepting any new survey applications, new applications may be submitted after 1 June 2017 and would not be sent out to the membership until August at the earliest.

Enquiries can be forwarded to the CSSANZ Office +61 3 9853 8013.

Guidelines For Surveys

1. Surveys for the purpose of research projects and audits are continuously created and submitted to the Research Support Committee, requesting distribution to the membership of the CSSANZ. The Research Support Committee invites suitable surveys to be submitted to the committee for approval to be distributed to the membership of the CSSANZ.

2. All surveys must have local Ethics Committee approval. The Ethics Committee may be hospital based, area or regional based, or University based. Ethics approval is required by most jurisdictions for the conduct of any research, and provides reassurance for all CSSANZ members that any projects submitted to them for response has been properly assessed and vetted.

3. The committee will approve 4 to 6 surveys per year.

4. The approval process. Researchers will and do approach the research committee at varied points in the development of a research project. Some approach with only partly formed ideas wondering what they can do, and others submit fully developed and ethics committee approved surveys.

     i) Initial Contact: A one page summary of the project should first be sent to the CSSANZ office and Research Support Committee Chairman to inform them. A dialogue may ensue regarding direction of the project if requested or required. This is important if researchers want to get their survey “locked in” to a specific time schedule and not find out after submission and approval that it will take a further 6 months for example  before the survey can be distributed to the CSSANZ membership.
     ii) Idea Development: Contact with the CSSANZ office and Chairman may be made if ideas are being “floated” or conjectured and the researcher is wondering what can be asked or what are the extents of research surveys that can be conducted utilising access to the CSSANZ membership. The Research Support Committee is supportive of research, but equally protective of the CSSANZ membership and not wanting to damage the goodwill of the membership who are very compliant in responding to surveys.
     iii) Survey developed and ethics committee submitted: The ethics submission along with the survey and participant contact forms should be forwarded to the CSSANZ officeand the Research Committee Chairman. The Research Support Committee will approve/disapprove of the survey, and may request changes to the survey.
     iv) Ethics committee approval: As in iii), fully developed projects will be assessed and approved/disapproved, and may require changes to the survey if approved.
     v) Surveys that have been approved need to be placed on a schedule and are sent out either by post or web-based e.g. survey monkey. To maintain the integrity, privacy and respect for the CSSANZ membership, tight control over the addresses of members, both postal and email is and must be maintained. It is a privilege to have access to the membership for the purposes of research, but in return, as stated, members have proven very compliant in completion of surveys.

5. It is preferred if surveys are sponsored or involve as researchers a member of the CSSANZ. If too many surveys are submitted and approved than can be sent out in a year, preference will be given to CSSANZ members and trainees.

6. Please remember in the construction of your surveys that this is a bi-national society of Australia and New Zealand, and that it is easy to overlook certain jurisdictional, indigenous and local issues that are of a sensitive nature and can cause offence if not included and contemplated when constructing surveys. The Research Support Committee supports inclusivity and recognition of both countries when relevant in survey construction.

7. Surveys that researchers wish to submit for approval and distribution to the CSSANZ membership can be submitted at any stage to