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New Zealand - Auckland City Hospital

Department of Colorectal Surgery, Auckland City Hospital, Park Road, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland City Hospital (ACH) is a tertiary referral teaching hospital in central Auckland. It is situated close to the Auckland City CBD, and is immediately across the road from the University of Auckland School of Medicine. Five of the seven Colorectal  Consultants are CSSANZ members, and supervise one fellow (either ANZTBCRS or International), a SET trainee and a junior surgical trainee, 3 nurse specialists, and 2 Interns. The Fellow participates in general surgical on call (1 in 6) and also receives colorectal acutes daily. The position is fully funded from the hospital.  Strengths of ACH are an emphasis on minimally invasive techniques, including taTME, TAMIS, and advanced laparoscopy; multidisciplinary meetings in cancer, IBD, and Pelvic floor; surgical nutrition and intestinal failure with resulting experience in enterocutaneous fistulas and short gut; pelvic floor clinics; peritoneal malignancy and involvement with the NZ Familial GI Cancer Service. The unit has a strong research emphasis.

Hospitals involved in programme:

  • Auckland Hospital, Park Road, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Greenlane Clinical Centre, Epsom, Auckland
  • Mercy Hospital, Mountain Road, Epsom, Auckland (Private)

University affiliation:

  • University of Auckland

Colorectal Surgeons: (* CSSANZ members)

  • *Dr Nagham Al-Mozany - ANZTBCRS Program Director
  •   Dr Wal Baraza
  • *Dr Rowan Collinson
  • *Dr Jamish Gandhi
  • *Dr Julian Hayes - Head of Colorectal Unit
  • *Assoc Professor Arend Merrie 
  •   Dr Isileli Tonga

Operative exposure per year:

  • Major colorectal resections, including gynaecological oncology and peritoneal malignancy 170
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease 30
  • Pelvic floor including ventral rectoplexy/prolapse repairs/SNS 30
  • Laparoscopic procedures 100
  • Minor Anorectal Procedures 250

Diagnostic exposure:

  • Colonoscopy 1 list/week, approximately 125/year
  • Anal EMG/pudendal nerve/Manometry: Anorectal physiology clinic in Department
  • Endoanal ultrasonography 100


  • Strong ties with the University of Auckland, with both clinical and preclinical trial exposure.
  • Clinical research interests include anorectal physiology, hereditary colorectal cancer, diverticular disease, surgical recovery, techniques of rectal excision, inflammatory bowel disease and systematic reviews

Method of funding:

  • Full hospital salary available at Senior Registrar rates

Expected "on call" roster commitments:

  • One in six at Senior Registrar level, covering General Surgery acutes and trauma. The Fellow is on call with a Junior Registrar and House Officer, and the On-call Consultant.

Other strengths of unit:

  • ACH has a philosophy of a consultant-led Colorectal service, ensuring a supportive training environment. A weekly team meeting ensures that discussion of outcomes and quality audit occurs. Special interests are in surgical treatment of rectal cancer and disorders of the pelvic floor, including prolapse disorders and sacral neuromodulation. There is also experience in peritoneal malignancy/gynaecological oncology surgery, ileal pouch procedures and inflammatory bowel disease.


Summary of Fellows' Logbooks:



Last Updated: 05 April 2022