Pathways to Membership

There are two pathways to membership:

  • ANZTBCRS: applicants who have been successful in obtaining a recognised place on the Training Board in Colon and Rectal Surgery (TBCRS) program, and
  • Non ANZTBCRS: all other applicants.

Click here to download the CSSANZ Membership Application Form.

Non ANZTBCRS applicants will need to provide evidence of the following criteria:

1.          A commitment to Colorectal surgery and support of Colorectal surgery as a specialty

Referees reports attesting to this will be required: Chosen referees should comprise two or three colorectal surgeons (with at least two being CSSANZ members) who would have worked closely with you previously (within past two years) and be able to vouch for your suitability as a member as well as your ability as a colorectal surgeon.

Demonstrable commitment to research, clinical improvement and professional development specifically in colorectal surgery: Details of relevant research completed, publications in peer reviewed journals (abstracts will not meet criteria) and podium presentations at state, national and international meetings are important criteria in the consideration of a membership application. Research completion for ANZTBCRS fellows is mandatory for their sign-off and their application for CSSANZ Membership.  A non ANZTBCRS applicant would be wise to demonstrate an equivalent or higher level of research, publications and podium presentations as part of their application. Involvement in appropriate learned societies and professional bodies should be outlined.

2.          Majority of practice in colorectal surgery after a minimum of 3 years beyond advanced training

This will require evidence of colorectal surgical practice during the time in question (at a time to commence at least three years post completion of advanced training (SET). This should take the form of a prospective logbook detailing procedures performed and evidence of clinical audit of these procedures undertaken during this time.  A self calculating spreadsheet is available CSSANZ_Membership_Application_Logbook_data_template.xlsx to be used as a guide or to be completed and submitted with your application. 

3.          A recognized period of training in colorectal surgery (not less than 2 full years)

Applicants for Membership who have not completed the ANZTBCRS program will be asked for logbook details and supervisor/referee reports of any years undertaken at overseas or local colorectal units during training (post advanced training (SET)). The Membership Committee would be looking for evidence of two or more years spent in colorectal unit(s). Evidence of the types of operations completed and the level of training and supervision is important.  In the absence of this logbook data the applicant may be asked to supply logbook data for a fixed future period.

Please note: While the CSSANZ supports the RACS Rural Surgery PFET Program, the colorectal year on this program is excluded from eligibility towards the alternate pathway to CSSANZ Membership.

4.         A hospital appointment in colorectal surgery

5.         A demonstration of the required level of knowledge required for the practice of colorectal surgery

This may be achieved through a suitable vehicle such as the ANZTBCRS Exam.