Membership Categories

Applicants who have satisfied the constitutional requirements as specified on the above tab will be appointed as Ordinary Members. A list of Ordinary members can be found in the “Find A Colorectal Surgeon” feature on our home page.

If the Membership Committee considers that an applicant needs to show further evidence of meeting the constitutional requirements, they may be awarded Provisional Membership. This is granted for a specific timeframe within which they have an opportunity to meet the specified conditions.

Provisional Membership can be awarded via one of two pathways: ANZTBCRS Fellows (program details here) or Non ANZTBCRS applicants.

  • ANZTBCRS Fellows become Provisional Members at the commencement of their first year on the program. On completion of their training, following sign-off by the ANZTBCRS, they are eligible to apply for Ordinary Membership. If training is not signed-off, Provisional membership expires and they may apply for Membership via the non ANZTBCRS pathway.
  • For Non ANZTBCRS applicants more detailed information is required before Provisional Membership is approved. See Pathways to Membership tab.

An Ordinary, Foundation or Life Member who has fulfilled additional criteria may apply for Fellowship of the Society (FCSSANZ). Further information regarding the criteria and application process can be found under the Fellowship tab.


Other Membership categories:

Foundation Members: Those present at (or tendered their apologies to) the initial Meeting of the Society and who applied thereafter for Foundation membership. For further information please see the Foundation Members tab.

Life Members: Ordinary or Foundation members deemed by Council to have made a particularly meritorious contribution to the Society and/or the practice of colorectal surgery in Australia or New Zealand. For further information please see the Life Membership tab.

Retired Members: Members who have retired from active practice.

Honorary Members: Honorary Membership is awarded by Council to any person (who is not already a member) for reasons of international goodwill or other services to the company. For further information please see the Honorary Membership tab.


Membership Fees: 

The annual membership fee is to be payable by all Members with the exception of Retired Members, Honorary Members and Life Members who are exempt from payment of a membership fee. The 2023-2024 Fee will be AU$965 for both Australian and New Zealand members, with Australian-based members paying GST on top of this.

The Membership fee becomes due and payable on1 July annually and Members must attend to payment within 30 days.

The Council may in its absolute discretion elect to waive the requirement of a Member to pay his or her membership fee in exceptional circumstances.