Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is awarded by Council to any person (who is not already a member) for reasons of international goodwill or other services to the company. Prior to 2013 this category included Honorary Life membership.

The following individuals have been appointed Honorary Members of the Society: 

Alan Cuthbertson 1989
Neville Davis AO 1989
Edward Stuart Reginald  Hughes 1989
Murray Pheils  1989
David Failes 1990
Ole Kronberg 1991
Ian Lavery  1992
Peter Hawley  1993
Roger Grace 1993
Sam Labow 1993
Victor Fazio 1995
Richard P Billingham MD  1997, 2002
James Fleshman  1998
Francis Seow-Choen 1999
Neil Mortensen 2002
W Douglas Wong 2003
John Nicholls 2006
Mark Killingback AM   2008
Michael Parker   2011
Robyn McLeod  2011
Stephen Wexner 2011
Robert Talbot   2011