Foundation Members

On the 11th November 1988 a meeting of 25 committed colorectal surgeons agreed to form the Australian Society of Colorectal Surgeons (later changed to the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australasia and in 2006 renamed the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand). The meeting was convened by Dr Mark Killingback and it elected Dr David Failes as the first President.

Invitations for membership were forwarded by the Secretary early in 1989 with a reminder prior to the Annual General Meeting, to those who had attended the Inaugural Meeting to discuss formation of the Society or who had tendered their apologies for that meeting. Other invitations were extended to Australians working internationally. Completed application forms (with subscription) were received from 38 colleagues, 2 applications received without accompanying subscriptions and a verbal request for consideration just prior to the AGM. 5 replies were received declining the invitation, 3 from retired colleagues. A total of 52 invitations were issued.

The following were elected Foundation Members (41):

Paul Anseline Roy Fink

John Mackay

Anaimattan Santhanam

E Leslie Bokey Desmond Hoffmann

Andrew McLeish

Russell Stitz

Anthony Carden Ray Hollings

Ken Merten

Malcolm Stuart

Pierre Chapuis Walter Hughes

David  Muir

James Sweeney

Jonathan Cohen Ian Jones

Graham Newstead

Donald Tindal

Fred Collins Mark Killingback

John Oakley

Bruce Waxman

Brian Collopy Denis King

Terence O'Connor

Rodney Woods

Grahame Ctercteko

Stanley Koorey

Campbell Penfold

James Young

Ian Cunningham

Ian Lavery

Adrian Polglase

Anthony Eyers

Sol Levitt

Peter   Ryan

David  G Failes

David Lubowski

Samuel Sakker