Foundation Research Committee

The CSSANZ Foundation Research Committee consists of nominees of considerable research standing in the Colorectal community. All have been approved by the Australian Government Department of Health and recommended as such to the Australian Taxation Office to ensure the Research Industry status of the Foundation is accorded and maintained.

Committee Principles

  1. The Foundation Research Committee (FRC) should be composed of at least 50% surgeons who should be able to demonstrate an active research background.
  2. Not all Members of the FRC need to be consulted for every funding application.
  3. Membership of the FRC should include experts from outside the field of colorectal surgery such as medical oncology, gastroenterology, pathology and basic science.
  4. A five year term of appointment is recommended and this should be staggered for individual members of the FRC to ensure continuity of Board membership.
  5. Membership of the FRC should be broad based.
  6. Nominees for membership of the FRC must be approved by the Australian Government Department of Health.


The current CSSANZ Foundation Research Committee is:


  • A/Prof Steve Smith 


  • A/Prof Elizabeth Dennett - Wellington NZ
  • Prof Peter Gibbs - Melbourne
  • A/Prof Anil Keshava - Sydney
  • Dr Rachel Purcell - Christchurch NZ
  • A/Prof Graham Radford-Smith - Brisbane
  • A/Prof Konrad Richter  - Invercargill NZ
  • A/Prof Tarik Sammour - Adelaide
  • A/Prof Steve Smith - Newcastle
  • Dr Mary Theophilus - Perth
  • Dr Michelle Thomas - Adelaide