CSSANZ Foundation Donations


A donation to the CSSANZ Foundation can be made using the following link: https://pay.cssanz.org/donate


The CSSANZ Foundation was established in 2003 to support research into colorectal diseases within Australia and New Zealand. This has been made possible by generous contributions from Industry sources, as well as from the Colorectal Surgical fraternity, and through the proceeds of conferences and scientific meetings.

Already numerous research projects into widely divergent colorectal disease processes have been funded through the Foundation. Details about funded projects can be found via the Projects link. In time, the results of these projects—and others—will contribute to a greater understanding of both the causes of, and the optimal treatments for, these diseases. All of us stand to benefit from the advances that this research will bring.

The ability of the Foundation to expand this vital work depends upon the growth of its funds. Contributions from Industry and from within the profession need support from the general public and the wider business community if the full potential of our many outstanding established researchers is to be realised and if emerging researchers of the future are to be nurtured.

Contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible (in Australia). I urge you to advance the care of all patients with colorectal disease by making a gift or bequest to the Foundation.

Your contribution will help to make a difference in improving the lives of others. I hope that you can help us to find the solutions.

Mr James Moore FRACS
Foundation Chairman