Colorectal Surgery - An Australian Historical Perspective

A Timeline History 1890s - 2021

By Mark Killingback


Dr Mark Killingback is a distinguished retired colorectal surgeon whose significant contributions played a pivotal role in the establishment of our society. Widely recognized for his generosity, Mark is also a notable supporter of the Mark Killingback Prize.

Mark has devoted considerable time to meticulously compile a comprehensive history of colorectal surgery in Australia.

The document, titled "Colorectal Surgery | An Australian Historical Perspective, a Timeline history 1890s-2023," provides a valuable resource for understanding the evolution of colorectal surgery in the region. I encourage you to peruse this meticulously researched document at your convenience.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Killingback for his outstanding contribution to preserving and documenting the rich history of colorectal surgery in Australia.

Elizabeth Murphy - CSSANZ, President.

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