About BCCA

The Binational Colorectal Cancer Audit (BCCA) is a CSSANZ initiative used for clinical audit of the surgical practices of Australian and New Zealand surgeons for the purpose of quality assurance as well as critically important research. First established in 2007 the database went online in 2013, making it more accessible, more useful and easier than ever before. The audit is applicable to all surgeons who see patients with a diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

BCCA Steering Committee

The BCCA Steering Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of BCCA and reports to the CSSANZ Council.

The BCCA Steering Committee members are:
Prof Alexander Heriot, Chair
Dr Philip Smart, BCCA Operations Committee Chair
Dr Elizabeth Murphy, CSSANZ President
Dr Raymond Yap, RACS CRS Section Representative
Dr Andrew Hughes, General Surgeons Australia
Dr Jasen Ly, New Zealand Association of General Surgeons
Prof John Zalcberg, Interested Clinician
John Stubbs, Consumer Representative

BCCA Operations Committee

The Operations Committee is responsible for the development and efficient operations of the BCCA database.

The Operations Committee Members are are diverse range of Medical Clinicians who represent specialties that contribute to the care and treatment of patients with colorectal disease.

 The Members are:  
Dr Philip Smart, Australian Co-Chair
Dr Sze-Lin Peng, New Zealand Co-Chair
Prof Paul McMurrick, CRC Audit
A/Prof Chris Byrne
Dr Elizabeth Murphy 
A/Prof Mark Thompson-Fawcett
Dr Anthony Ciccocioppo
Dr Greg Nolan
Dr Aymen Al-Timimi
A/Prof Tarik Sammour
Dr Jesse Fischer
Dr Thomas Arthur
Dr Cameron Law, Fellow Representative
Angela Brennan, Monash Registries DEPM
Prof Susannah Ahern, Monash Registries
Dr Farhad Salimi, Monash Registries  
A/Prof Christophe Rosty, RCPA Representative 
Prof Katherine Clark, Palliative Care Australia Representative
Dr Helen Mohan, International Registry Collaboration Representative
Dr Stephen Chin, Radiation Oncologist
Dr Daryl Lim Joon, Radiation Oncologist 
Prof John Zalcberg, Monash Registries DEPM