Mitchell J Notaras Fellowship in Colorectal Surgery

Australia and New Zealand Training Board in Colon and Rectal Surgery, University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

The Mitchell J Notaras Fellowship in Colorectal Surgery was established in 2003 following a generous donation to the University of Sydney by a colorectal surgeon and graduate of the University, Dr Mitchell J Notaras FRCS FRCS(E) FACS.

This Fellowship offers clinical training in academic colorectal surgery both in Australia and in international colorectal units as well as training and expertise in colorectal research including the enrolment in a higher degree. It is aimed at a young surgeon interested in pursuing an academic colorectal surgical career. The 3 year Fellowship is administered through the University of Sydney under the supervision of the Australia and New Zealand Training Board in Colon and Rectal Surgery and is offered every 2 years.

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Mitchell Notaras 1933-2011

Previous Winners:

Full NameYear Awarded
Dr Kilian Brown20229110d332-e21b-4ffe-ba42-92f9e36f987a
Dr Hugh Giddings2021cbdfb3aa-939e-4d4a-9efc-ae69bd0d3eea
Dr Kheng-Seong Ng201842112466-b356-4a61-916e-102cb0f0b554
Dr Assad Zahid201655a86d9c-c9de-480d-be0c-f0e9b2c74d91
Dr Nabila Ansari2014084490f5-bd75-41da-8428-720a03c3d038
Dr Jonathan Hong2012d4d18917-ee4e-4fc6-b462-2bab4d95424f
A/Prof Cherry Koh20101282b3d0-fcc4-4538-a4c8-b1677b370ad2
Dr Toufic El-Khoury2008d5e88b16-57bb-408b-b152-0861207fbf65
Dr Catherine Turner2006b35b6f4e-2a96-4ce0-8220-293f6b46fb34
A/Prof Christopher Byrne20049c4de229-00b5-42aa-864b-41e91d963746