ANZTBCRS Research Scholarship in Colorectal Surgery

Sponsored by Medtronic Australasia Pt Ltd, Australia

A research scholarship in colorectal surgery has been created by the CSSANZ and the Colon and Rectal Surgery Section, RACS and will be administered through the Australia and New Zealand Training Board in Colon and Rectal Surgery (ANZTBCRS).


  • To encourage research and experience in colorectal research for a post-fellowship trainee.
  • To support colorectal research in accredited colorectal units by providing scholarship support of research fellows.


  1. Australasian post-fellowship colorectal trainee.
  2. Enrolment in Masters or PhD
  3. Training Board accredited/approved Clinical Training Unit
  4. Training Board accredited/approved Colorectal Research Unit
  5. CSSANZ accredited colorectal surgeon as at least one thesis and/or research supervisor

Duration of Scholarship

12 months maximum. Subsequent years to be funded from peer-reviewed granting agencies and colorectal research unit and second year support only in exceptional circumstances.


12 months maximum accreditation for the ANZTBCRS Program.


An amount of $50,000 will be available annually for this award. The exact amount for a recipient and their unit will vary according to the number of recipients and this will be at the discretion of the ANZTBCRS.

Application Procedure
Initial application to the ANZTBCRS in the year prior to planned project.

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. One page research project proposal
  3. Planned colorectal research unit
  4. Planned higher degree and university
  5. Planned supervisor of research and thesis committee

Second round application after invitation from ANZTBCRS.

  1. Full research proposal and protocol in NHMRC guidelines emailed to ANZTBCRS by requested date.
  2. Written support of research supervisor of colorectal unit.


Training Board research selection committee including representative from CSSANZ, Section and an external reviewer.

Deadline for Applications

Initial application with ANZTBCRS Program; Second round invited proposals as requested by ANZTBCRS.

Previous Winners:

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Dr Anshini Jain2023c7b71ce7-55b7-49eb-80d4-b2013de0b98f
Dr Milton Mui20231d0001f4-2932-494e-91a8-f725805b5586
Dr Thuy-My Nguyen202296c34e83-b07f-4fa6-a63f-a8205102e883
Dr Tamara Vu202293a18a5d-ce90-4ccc-81b1-3d8d3a1c4865
Dr Krishanth Naidu202191dbf1b8-a0f3-45ac-8d32-6fe848e99923
Dr Asiri Arachchi202033066c72-f814-4835-ab1c-98d0b5966b61
Dr Amy Cao202033a8d478-37ac-44d3-b1dc-6fc3b5af1c77
Dr Atandrila Das2020b8e4329f-683c-4480-ad41-dcfcc8e6315e
Dr Kasmira Wilson2019ba9ce341-3606-425a-8e01-82313d832e6f
Dr Toan Pham20185cad03c7-6789-461a-a84c-90766bfa2475
Dr Vignesh Narasimhan201864f5b734-167f-492b-a00f-d173c80b660b
Dr Katherine Zhu20167ce53f5a-8d60-44b9-9974-7f42185c8ff8
Dr Timothy Chittleborough2016765350d4-bf26-4824-8615-d8ba4b15ce95
Dr Cori Behrenbruch2015a865770d-0907-4222-a307-abac87eff655
Dr Penelope De Lacavalerie201454528706-505e-4da2-a04f-45b713858038
Dr Glen Guerra2014638b93bc-7035-4120-bef4-e26fa9d781d0
Dr Maria-Pia Bernardi20127554e6fa-b0b3-4380-a49b-b41dbb0de55f
Dr Jonathan Hong2011d4d18917-ee4e-4fc6-b462-2bab4d95424f
Dr Francis Lam20066044e1d3-005e-41f5-b074-7ab11904c156
Dr Michelle Thomas20043c4ed140-19e5-4986-972d-c11a44c9fbfd